AlterEgo Hardware

AlterEgo Hardware (AEH) is a startup company founded by Alexander Hohenegger in 2014 and soon joined by a small group of very motivated people.
Based in Italy, AEH has a strong link with the rest of Europe and the U.S.

We originally developed some novel concepts and industrial solutions, securing various patents in-house. Over time, we have acquired extensive know-how about intellectual property and industry expectations, and have established sound relationships with the motorcycle industry. We decided then to open doors to promising ideas from outside, and start a patent brokering activity.

We are constantly looking for new technologies, which we carefully examine from a technological and economic standpoint, with the aim to fully develop their potential and possibly sell to a relevant manufacturer or supplier.

Neutral Axis Brake

Big advantages at a small price. This semi-floating disc brake caliper has the supports of the pads connected to the fork. This guarantees perfect symmetry of the braking forces, as they lie on the “neutral axis” of the system, greatly improving the feeling, control and heat dissipation of the caliper.

Ratio Zero Transmission

Welcome to the revolution in the drivetrain. Inside this compact and light single cog rear hub we have designed a unique CVT system (Continuously Variable Transmission) based on gears and thus boasting an efficiency on par with a standard chain – about 98%!

Monospring Fork

Keep it simple! The Monospring Fork is a breakthrough concept for the front suspension of a bicycle or motorcycle. The single spring is taken outside of the legs, and can now have completely different dimensions which brings along unparalleled reactivity, comfort and damping behaviour, for a smoothness never experienced.

Monosplit Shock Absorber

The MonoSplit rear suspension combines the performances of a modern single shock with the layout of a traditional double shock. This is done through an interconnected layout, which is hydraulically more effective and easy to mate to a centralized hydraulic control, leading straightforwardly  to a semiactive scheme.

Battery Box

Our Battery Box positioning and arrangement system is a new concept designed for e-bikes intended for urban and extra-urban mobility. It is practical for charging and removing the battery and flexible in terms of battery chemistry, dimension and weight and can significantly lower the center of gravity.

Mirrored Wheels

Add lightness. We have a pending patent for the lightest carbon wheels ever produced. This innovative project of a superlight road carbon wheelset is based on a novel layout of the carbon sheets and a special joint between the rim and the spokes. Everything is made in carbon.

Powertrain 180°

The idea of the Powertrain 180° is to take the clutch above the crankshaft, and The torque is conveyed to the driveline via an additional chain or a couple of gear wheels. This solution shifts weight on the front axle, and allows for a longer swingarm in the same wheelbase, thus improving the bike handling.

Double Support Cases

Achieving a better handling (and possibly reducing the weight) is the primary focus and guiding principle for all the technical decisions we make at Alter Ego Hardware. We consider every element of the vehicle, including the luggage: this top case can rotate to help centralise the masses.