Who we are

AlterEgo Hardware (AEH) is a startup company founded by Alexander Hohenegger in 2014 and soon joined by a small group of very motivated people.
Based in Italy, AEH has a strong link with the rest of Europe and the U.S.

We originally developed some novel concepts and industrial solutions, securing various patents in-house. Later on, having acquired extensive know-how about intellectual property and industry expectations, and established sound relationships with the motorcycle industry, we decided to open doors to promising ideas from outside and start a patent brokering activity. We are constantly looking for new technologies, which we carefully examine from a technological and economic standpoint with the aim to fully develop their potential and possibly sell to a relevant manufacturer or supplier.

Our portfolio is now rich of interesting solutions (the hardware) with high potential and a sound appeal to engineers and designers from the motorcycle and bicycle sector. We have a penchant for straightforward, concrete ideas, which are easy to engineer and produce and that can combine performances, simplicity, and low cost. The patent brokering agency stands as our first pillar.

Through the patent evaluation activity, we have been lucky enough to meet authentically breakthrough, disruptive technologies. The opportunity to become involved in technological revolutions led us to the second AEH pillar: the manufacturing activity.

Download the presentation pdf file:
English version – Italian version