Neutral Axis Disc Brake System

Semi-floating disc brake caliper with two brake pads supports that are directly connected to the left lower leg of a fork.

The prototype comes from a standard Magura 4-piston caliper (MT5 and MT7), modified to mount our special “porcupine” brake pads steel supports, completed with resin pads made especially for us.

The caliper floats in front of the left lower leg on a light axle with a strut just to guide it. It is self-aligning and easy to mount, with just one bolt.

In our head-to-head field tests with Magura MT5/MT7 caliper equipped with the same pads compound, we felt the same power and consistency but with incomparable progressivity.

The head-to-head bench test, made with a standard procedure by Brenta Frenotecnica with a Magura caliper equipped with the same pads compound, showed a significant decrease in temperature on the caliper.

Download the presentation pdf file:
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Download Standard MTB illustration Pads – pdf file