Ratio Zero Transmission

Welcome to the revolution in the drivetrain. A small and light single cog rear hub contains a continuously variable transmission with the same efficiency as a standard chain, about 98%.

The patent-pending Ratio Zero Transmission can be actuated electronically or with a standard cable via remote control on the bar and can also work in tandem with a motor drive unit on an e-bike to coordinate the power of the engine and the right gear with a continuous and light flow, eventually with no action from the rider.

The AL7075 prototype, 110mm of flanges diameter, three cams, is now working for our tests on a Trek hybrid bike,
and the succeeding one with 4 cams is ready to go for a new test session.

The weight and dimensions of our Ratio Zero Transmission hub are lower and smaller than the existing CVP hub by
Enviolo/NuVinci that works with a continuously variable planetary system: our CVT has toothed gears.

Download the presentation pdf file:
English version Italian version