Double-support side cases and dual-position top case

Better handling is the primary focus and guiding principle for all of the technical decisions we make at Alter Ego Motorcycle Hardware. The aesthetics of handling inspire our development and for all the rest we rely on our hi-tech Italian partners.

We all know how luggage influences the handling of our motorcycles. It severely influences the handling as well as the overall aesthetics and it can even create disturbances of stability.

We focused on solving this problem by developing the largest possible loading capacity while reducing the impact of the luggage on motorcycle handling to the bare minimum.

The Alter Ego luggage concept incorporates the same target priorities that are used in aircraft design: dependability, lightness, and load capacity. A motorcycle with our cases is around 8 to 15 kilos lighter than a motorcycle with the same capacity luggage by our competitors – the advantages in this go without mention.

Download the presentation pdf file.